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Vikenze III on Vauxhall Combo MPV (New model)

We normally carry out brand new conversions on almost brand new (up to a year old) Vauxhall sourced vehicles, with automatic being an option.  The Vikenze III costs £35,000 when built on a less than 1 year old vehicle with no more than 10,000 miles.  Typically though, these will have lower mileage at around 2,000 - 5,000 miles.  If you want a brand new vehicle we can still supply this, but cost will increase. 



Brand new Wheelhome model!

Wheelhome Vikenze III on Vauxhall Combo MPV

The Vikenze III on petrol-powered Vauxhall Combo MPV. This is broadly similar in layout to our slightly smaller Vikenze II on Fiat Qubo, but offers more travelling seats and two beds.   

"New Generation" turbo petrol engine (automatic available).

One or two berth.         Four belted travel seats.

All-electric cooking - so gas free! Just 1.84m high.

Off-grid camping is here!


Thoughtful and considered design ensures access to all facilities

including the Porta Potti, even with beds in place.


£35,000 with new conversion on nearly new vehicle (under 1 year old).

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Vikenze III is based on the "bang-up-to-date" Vauxhall Combo MPV which benefits from the latest technology in petrol engine development with a multi-valve 1.2 ltr turbocharged petrol engine (Euro 6D, 6.3) 3 cylinders, 110 BHP/ CO2 125g/km.  (Diesel also available). The low-revving petrol engine has been tuned to perform more like a diesel with low-down pulling power and can return 40 - 48mpg in our hands. A 6 speed manual gearbox is standard with an 8 speed automatic optional. Vikenze III is a very modern, quiet, comfortable and refined car/camper that's equally at home sailing down a French autoroute where it's charged at class 1, same as a car, or helping out on the local school run.


Vikenze III conversion offers: 

A versatile interior layout giving you a choice of how many travelling seats you want:  Two people can camp with 2, 3 or 4 travelling seats.  If your priority is more storage you might chose to swap either one or both rear Vauxhall seats for additional storage modules and one “Wheelhome” seat.  We refer to these options as Layout 2TS, Layout 3TS, Layout 4TS - TS being the number of traveling seats.  The seats simply clip in and out. 

Vikenze III has two generously sized beds: One low-level single bed and a second bed that lowers from the roof space.  Access to the roof bed is easy via two large, sturdy steps revealed by rotating the induction hob part of the kitchen unit.  We have been employing this unique design for over a decade now and it really works well. This also provides night-time Porta Potti access.

Vikenze III has our latest all electric cooking system with modern, efficient cooking mediums such as an Induction hob and microwave plus 230v sockets, ideally placed for using a kettle, 9 litre oven or toaster.  230v is supplied via an onboard inverter which generates 230v from the auxiliary batteries.  Vikenze III has our largest battery bank ever, giving 2-3 days cooking off-grid even in poor weather, and a huge, bespoke, 300w solar panel.  In bright weather, the Vikenze III is totally energy self-sufficient!  (How “green” is that!) You can of course, also take advantage of campsite hook up which charges the batteries and can also power the equipment.


Vikenze III all-electric cooking benefits: 

No naked flame

No condensation when cooking

No heavy/awkward gas bottles to lug about. 

Induction hob: super-fast (quicker than gas), instant control, extremely smart and easy to clean.

Microwave: convenience of home whilst you're away.

Vikenze III cooking system: What’s not to like?


Vikenze III has a thermostatically controlled 14 litre Waeco electric fridge, with a taller, 21 litre being optional. The sink/drainer cover doubles up as the table on a island leg and the induction hob cover becomes a useful worktop behind driver's seat. 

10 litres (2.2 gallon) of removable fresh water storage, conveniently accessed through the off-side sliding door. The water is electrically pumped to the stainless steel sink and drainer.  The Porta Potti is easily removed for servicing through the off-side sliding door.

Our elevating roof is specially created for Vikenze III, it raises and lowers electrically, has large vents and carries a super-slim (just 3mm) 300watt solar panel that covers the entire roof. If you have a smart phone you can even check how much free energy the solar panel is "harvesting" into the batteries via a bluetooth app. This can be double the charge normally achieved from a typical campervan's system.  The roof can be lowered whilst wet and aired later.


Standard vehicle features on Vauxhall Combo Life “Energy” MPV include:

Four original Vauxhall MPV seats for travelling all with three point seat belts.  Air conditioning.  Cruise Control. Hill Hold.  8" colour touch screen with Apple Car-Play / Android Auto (just connect your Smart phone and you have the brilliant Google Maps for navigation (on the big screen) and even voice-controlled Google Assistant! 

Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) with stability control. Automatic Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection. Forward Collision Alert. "Hill hold" which temporarily holds the vehicle on a hill - assisting hill-starts without rolling back. Photochromic rear view mirror which automatically dims the rear view mirror at night time so you're not dazzled by cars behind.

Alloy wheels.  Power steering with adjustable steering column for reach and rake. Electrically operated front windows and door mirrors.  Heated door mirrors. Remote control central door locking. Tailgate with heated rear window and wash wipe. Driver’s seat height adjustment. Driver’s and passenger airbags. Front and rear parking sensors.

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Length:  4.4m long                     (14'5")

Width (mirrors folded in): 1.92m  (6'4")

Width (mirrors out): 2.11m          (6'11")

Height with roof down: 1.84m (6'1") so will fit in your garage and easily go under 2m height barriers.

Height inside with roof raised:  1.9m (6'3")

Gross Vehicle Weight:  2,205kgs

Payload:  425 kgs.

Towing capacity, braked trailer: 1,000kgs.

Towing capacity, un-braked trailer: 750kgs.



At just 1.84m high the Vikenze III will easily slip under height barriers - and probably go in your garage.  Class 1 on french motorways too.

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  • Wheelhome Vikenze III roof raised.