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Vikenze II quick info point;

NEW: On-the-road from £32,475. with 1.4 litre petrol engine, diesel and automatic option. Price inc. V.A.T @ 20%, on the road charges and delivery to your home anywhere U.K. mainland, 2 years Fiat warranty (or 120,000 miles). 12 months Wheelhome warranty One single bed, two belted travelling seats (in cab). Electric Induction hob cooking system complimented by electric oven/grill/toaster or microwave, running from built in Inverter. Two stylish storage pods that lower down from within the roof.

The above prices are for a brand new vehicle, however, most Vikenze II models will be built on low mileage Fiat Qubos with Euro 6 diesel engines of 1-4 years of age. They will be sold with at least 12 months warranty and are a great way to get a higher-spec vehicle for significantly less cost. Please contact us for further information.

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VIKENZE II on Fiat Qubo

The Vikenze II is a dedicated single berth camper that has been designed for one person to go camping with as much comfort, convenience and ease of use as possible in a compact vehicle that can also do double duty as an economical little car with two seats for travelling in the front only - although there is room for a friend to join for a cuppa when on site!  A Tailgate awning is available from Khyam.co.uk with or without sleeping compartments.

50+ MPG is quite achievable with the 1.3 litre Multijet diesel engine (latest Euro 6 emission standard).

Automatic is available with the 1.3 litre Multijet diesel engine.

Click here to Download your Wheelhome E brochure. 

What Motorhome's "Out and about live" said "Incredibly, the Fiat Qubo (the passenger car version of the Fiorino van) is shorter than a Ford Fiesta, but that hasn’t stopped Wheelhome converting it into what must be the most practical one-berth micro-campervan on the market"

Vikenze II provides all-electric cooking, so no gas bottles to bother with.   Overnight independant-of-campsite hook-up is completely feasible as 230v is supplied from the onboard inverter and large batteries.

Access to all facilities at night time is assured, including the Porta Potti.  Quality is of a high order, including leather/suede seating.

Prices include V.A.T @ 20%, on the road charges and delivery to your home anywhere U.K. mainland, 12 months Wheelhome warranty. Oh, and of course at only 6’0” high Vikenze II is garageable, easily goes under the two metre height barriers and just Class 1 on French motorways (same as a car).


Std vehicle specification;   Fiat Qubo. 1.4 ltr petrol engine (1.3 litre Multijet diesel engine with latest Euro 6 emission standard option).  Body coloured bumpers.  Air conditioning.  Anti-lock brakes (ABS) with EBD.  Power steering with adjustable steering column.  Electrically operated windows and door mirrors.  Remote control central door locking.  Tailgate with heated rear window and wash wipe. Radio with CD player.  Driver’s seat height adjustment.  Driver’s and passenger airbags. 


Camping spec;  The Vikenze II is a two seater car. When travelling the rear (lounge) seat is “tipped up”. Upon arrival at the campsite the cab seats slide forward and the rear seat lowers down into the space (an easy 10 second job). This seat is rather special as it is extremely comfortable - it even has an adjustable recline, and thus provides what we feel is the most comfortable “camper seat” in it’s class, or pretty much any class!  

What Motorhome's "Out and about live" said "This reclining seat is surprisingly comfortable and it faces another position, so two can be accommodated for a meal. Want more space? Just add a free-standing awning."

Unique Wheelhome cooking and electrical system. Vikenze II has a unique to Wheelhome, Independent all electrical cooking set-up which includes an Induction hob and an oven/grill (built-in microwave is option), which runs from an Inverter, or campsite hook up.

What is an Inverter? A device that cleverly changes 12 volts from the very high capacity auxiliary battery into 230 volts.  Therefore many mains voltage appliances can be used to cook your meals, such as the built-in Induction hob, oven/grill, microwave, plus a sandwich maker or kettle.

How long will the battery last?   An overnight stop without hook up (cooking an evening meal and breakfast).  Vikenze II  has a very special automatic and greatly enhanced battery charging system that will re-charge from running the engine at idle, or of course, as you tour around the next day in only an hour or so.  Note; The auxiliary batteries are entirely independent of the engine-starting battery. 

Induction hobs are clean and safe, offering a fast and efficient cooking system with instant heat control.  So, Vikenze II has no gas! Meaning no heavy gas bottles to lug about, no naked flames (good news on a hot day) silent, smart - and easy to clean.  What’s not to like!

Porta Potti.  The hob is set into a section of the kitchen unit that swings round at night-time to reveal un-rivalled access to the Porta Potti, which is left in place for use.  This unique design, in effect, provides more floor space.   Fresh water storage is a removable 10 litre ( 2.2 gallon) Jerry can, conveniently accessed through the off-side sliding door with water being electrically pumped to the stainless steel sink and drainer.

Electrically operated elevating roof raised effortlessly, incorporates large vents and smart, drop-down roof storage pods - ideal for folded clothing.  Being electrically operated means when lowering the roof you can stop at any point to pull the roof fabric inside. 

What Motorhome's "Out and about live" said "the roof also includes one of the Vikenze’s cleverest – and unique – features: a pair of storage pods that wind down for access. In such a small space it’s this fresh thinking and practical design that makes this tiny camper so usable."

The roof can be lowered whilst wet and aired later.

The sink/drainer cover doubles up as the table on a island leg.  Additional worktop/shelf  that can be placed on the front or rear end of the kitchen unit to give useful extra work surface.  Three LED interior lights. Fitted and lined curtains. Thermostatically controlled 14 litre Waeco fridge.  Full set of floor mats.   

Click here to Download your Wheelhome E brochure.

Dimensions for Vikenze II:

Height; 1.83 metres.

Length; 3.86metres.

Width; 1.81 metres (mirrors folded in).

Bed; 1.93m (6'3") x 0.66m (2'2").

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  • Home image 1200 x 676.
  • Home image RD 1200 x 676.