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Dashaway e caravan
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Dashaway e caravan (general/specs)

Dashaway ‘on-the-road’ dimensions.

External height, roof lowered; 1.83m (6’0")

Shipping length (overall length); 4.0m (13’2”)

Width, overall on road; 1.72m (5’8”)

M.I.R.O. (mass in running order) 644kgs

M.T.P.L.M. (maximum technically permitted laden mass) 720gs - 1,000kgs

User payload:  76kgs to 356kgs

Small car towing caravan

Wheelhome DASHAWAY 'e' caravan.  From £24,482 (two berth with either a double bed or two single beds).

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The Dashaway e caravan is believed to be the first two berth caravan in the world designed specifically to be towed by not only most little cars, old and new, petrol or diesel, such as Ford Fiesta, Suzuki Swift, VW Polo, but also Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and pure electric cars with a towing capacity of 720kgs or more. 

"towing? its got to be dead easy, regardless of what you're towing with" (Caravan and Motorhome Club, August 2019)

Dashaway is a high quality little touring caravan quite simply unlike anything else on the market. Take a look at Dashaway FAQs.

Please see below for video review of the Dashaway kindly carried out by the Caravan and Motorhome Club, August 2019 issue.

Designed specifically to meet the challenges and demands of the latest and forthcoming vehicle legislation and technology to allow you to enjoy your leisure time, not just today but for the future too.  Click here to Download your Wheelhome E brochure.

“its designed to be towed by pretty much any car with a particular emphasis on future electric vehicles” (Camping and Caravanning Club August 2019).

This is due to Dashaway's lightweight, streamlined dimensions and de minimus electrical drain on the tow car means it can be towed by some current Hybrid cars, such as the Toyota Prius and Toyota C-HR, also Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs) such as Volkswagen Golf GTE, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.  Pure electric cars too such as Tesla model 3, Jaguar I-Pace plus there are plenty more coming soon.  

Dashaway e caravan (‘e’ being for electric) is super-stable - awarded a 99% score or towing by the Caravan and Motorhome Club August 2019, compact and light-weight on the road, making minimal demands upon the tow car.  Therefore, we feel "Future-proof caravanning" has arrived!

On the road, the Dashaway interior accommodates the retracted ‘Podrant’.   The Podrant houses the fridge, part of the bed and your bedding, both whilst travelling and on-site.  This is in stark contrast to a ‘normal’ caravan where you’re lugging around a large and mostly empty box of air. 

“The secret to the internal space is found in the pop-top roof and clever Podrant folding side” (Camping and Caravanning Club August 2019).

"there's a lot of really intense engineering gone into this one" (Caravan and Motorhome Club, August 2019)

Dashaway; makes sense then, doesn’t it?  Once on site, or in a lay-by for a snack, the space enhancing, counterbalanced Podrant is easily deployed with just one hand, in a few seconds.

Various bed options: 

Double bed:  The Dashaway has a class-leading double bed 6'5" x 4'5".  What's more, it is made up by repositioning just a single cushion in about 5 seconds!  Can any others offer that? "double bed that takes literally seconds to make up" "beds are really comfy" (Caravan and Motorhome Club, August 2019).  

Two single beds:  The Dashaway can have two single beds - again created by repositioning just one cushion. 

Single berth:  The Dashaway can be made up as a really large single bed, almost 3' wide, giving even more floor space.   

It is important to note that all facilities remain accessible at night time regardless of which bed configuration you chose with decent floor-space for using the Porta Potti.

Dashaway e caravan has all electric cooking so it’s gas free! (as have our motorcaravans for years). With systems in place to provide independent of campsite hook-up for on-route and overnight stops - or longer.  At just 6' high Dashaway is eminently garageable - no storage charges! and you keep your Dashaway safe and secure, in top condition ready to ‘Dashaway’ on a whim!


Click here to Download your Wheelhome E brochure.

“The Dashaway e is full of smart storage solutions and space-saving ideas” (Camping and Caravanning Club August 2019).

Dashaway, thoughtful and convenient standard features abound.   A feature not missed by Candy Evans from  the Camping and Caravanning Club magazine, August 2019, when she said: 

“practicality is at the heart of this little caravan” 

 “The campervans may be small in size but they have incredible usability, with features that are often missing from much larger leisure vehicles”  (Camping and Caravanning Club August 2019).


High quality, sturdy, insulated fibreglass body, leather/suede upholstery, high quality equipment including electrically deployed elevating roof and counterbalanced Podrant.

Optional electric motor mover. 

One-cushion double bed make up (now that’s something!)  One single bed option, for solo campers.

All electric cooking so no heavy gas bottles to struggle with - or pay for.

Huge solar panel designed to perform even in poor light.

Lithium on-board batteries. 

Oh-so-convenient worktop litter and laundry ‘chutes’. Have to be seen to be believed!

Integrated entrance step so you won't need to carry a portable one.

En-route cooking and water facility.  

Just 6'0" high (1.83m) so will easily store in a typical garage and is class 1 on French motorways with appropriate tow-car - so it’s free!

Porta Potti conveniently located next to entrance door.

All kitchen facilities and Porta Potti remain accessible even with bed in place. 

Simple levelling;  Jockey wheel quickly levels front to rear.  Side-to-side; place a wedge/ramp behind one road wheel and ‘drive up’ until level using optional Motor Mover.  No struggling.

Fresh and grey water tanks can travel on floor inside (supplied) or in tow car if you prefer. 

Multiple LED interior lights.  Fitted and lined curtains. 


Unique Wheelhome cooking and electrical system. 

Dashaway has a unique to Wheelhome, independent all electrical cooking set-up which includes an Induction hob (a fast and efficient cooking system with instant heat control) and microwave (plus you can have an oven/grill too), which run from the built-in Inverter and Lithium batteries, or campsite hook up. Therefore, many mains voltage appliances can be used including sandwich makers or a kettle. What is an Inverter?  A device that cleverly changes 12 volts from the very high capacity auxiliary battery into 230 volts. 

How long will the battery last and what about recharging?  A couple of days in inclement weather, far more in clement weather.  In fact, in reasonably bright weather, Dashaway can actually be self sufficient thanks to the bespoke solar panel.  When connected to campsite hook-up the battery can be kept ‘topped up’ additionally by a battery charger so you can use the inverter as well as hook up.  Fresh water storage is a 23 litre portable tank (on wheels). The water is electrically pumped to the stainless steel sink and drainer.  A 23 litre waste (grey) tank is also provided. 

“...created a solution that’s practical and fun”. (Camping and Caravanning Club August 2019).


DASHAWAY e caravan.   Prices include V.A.T @ 20%, delivery to your home anywhere U.K. mainland, and 12 months Wheelhome warranty.   Click here to Download your Wheelhome E brochure.

Be sure to check out the Dashaway frequently asked questions (FAQs) here 

Dashaway other useful dimensions.

Width, main body only; 1.24m (4’1”)

Width, on site with Podrant deployed; 2.34m (7’8”)

Internal height at kitchen, roof raised; 2.13m (7’0”)

Internal height ‘mid-ships’, roof raised; 1.8m (5’11”) 

Internal height, roof lowered (enough to sit) 1.37m (4’6”)

Double bed; 1.96m (6’5”) x 1.34m (4’5”)  Single bed 1.96m (6’5”) x 0.84m (2’9”)

Floor space remaining with double bed in place; 1.10m (3’7”) x 0.68 (2’3”)

Floor space remaining with single bed in place 1.10m ( 3’7”) x 0.95m (3'1") 

Stunning Millau viaduct, southern France. 

Want to see some more photos of Dashaway in France? Click the Dashaway to French Alps tab.

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