Electric campervan at volcano

The photo above left is of our campsite in Grindavik, which as at 15th November 2023 is sadly at great risk of a volcanic eruption as the Icelandic authorities say a huge “river” of magma is flowing beneath and areas near to the town.  The authorities say Grindavik has been evacuated and the area is considered dangerous and is closed.  The Volcano Parking photo was taken when Stephen and his son Daniel, hiked up alongside a previous lava flow that you’ll see below in the video titled Episode 5.  We weren’t permitted to go right to the top as there were dangerous gases present (August 2023)

We send our sincerest thoughts and best wishes to the town of Grindavik and its wonderful, friendly people, may they remain safe and secure at this extremely serious time.   UPDATE:  The eruption has now started, late on 18th December 2023 and is so far heading away from Grindavik.

Electric campervan at volcano
Volcano Parking!
Electric campervan Reykjavik
Ring road takes you to Reykjavik and Akureyri
Torshavn, Faroe Islands.
Electric campervan on the Moon
They say Iceland looks like the moon, and it does...
Charging up after coming over those mountains
Electric campervan volcano
That might just be a volcano!

Welcome to our Fire and Ice Tour page.  Here you will find the  videos created by Stephen whilst in Iceland and Faroe. 

During August 2023, Wheelhome’s proprietor, Stephen Wheeler, took our 100% electric campervan – the  Vikenze III-e XL on an extensive and exciting tour all the way from U.K. to Iceland.  We believe this is the first electric campervan to make this journey.  Taking a ferry from Dover to Calais, driving through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, arriving at the very top of Denmark (Hirtshals) some  900 miles later.  From there he took another ferry – but this time it was a two day, two night job so more of a Cruise!  to “The Land of Fire and Ice” that is Iceland, which is closer to Greenland than anywhere else, via the beautifull Faroe Islands. 

You are invited to share in this wonderful solo-traveller adventure by watching his videos below. 

The videos were created using five specialist cameras including a drone. 

Not only will you see some stunning scenery but also first-hand reports of E.V. charging abroad, campsites, solar efficiency, costs, and tips on what you need to know.  

By the time Stephen returned home the overall efficiency was a creditable 3m/kWh.  He covered over 1,550 miles just on Iceland at a “fuel” cost of just £80. 

You might want to “subscribe” on our YouTube channel as it costs nothing but has the advantage that you will be notified every time a new video is available.  We really hope you enjoy them – and feel free to leave comments too!

The Camping and Caravanning Club have just published a review by Candy Evans of our electric Vikenze III-e XL conversion in their April 2024 printed magazine and Youtube channel, along with an interview with Stephen about his 2023 Iceland road-trip in this vehicle. See video.

Episode 1.  (7 minutes) The 900 mile journey from Essex to Hirtshals, right at the northern tip of Denmark. Includes EV charging at public charge points in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark and Hirtshals camping.

Episode 2.  (7 minutes) North Denmark and the voyage to Faroe Islands! We depart from Hirtshals in Northern Denmark and set sail on MS Norrona for Torshavn, capital of The Faroe Islands. Includes: The ship, cabin and Whales off the starboard bow!

Episode 3.  (9.5 minutes) Faroe Islands.  We docked at the capital, Torshavn (“havn” meaning harbour). On The Pitch Charging, a family of Whales, a sub-sea tunnel with a world-exclusive unexpected twist, houses and commercial building with gardens on their roofs, and simply beautifull scenery. Oh, and a lot of sheep!

Episode 4.  (16.5 minutes) Iceland part 1.  Stephen travelled anti-clockwise around Iceland.  Seydisfjordur in the east to West Fjords where very little is “normal”.  Geothermal hot springs, lava fields and volcanos.  Weather was very cold to start with, fairly windy but no rain and some sunshine – better than I’d expected (even though it’s August). About 4-5 hours of darkness, dramatic skies, gushing rivers and impressive waterfalls. 60-80 miles a day is plenty as it seems every 10 minutes I have to stop and take more photos or deploy the drone – the scenery changes so much in a short time!

Episode 5.  (26 minutes) Iceland part 2. Fifth and concluding episode of our electric campervan road trip to and around Iceland. This episode sees us touring along the south coast of Iceland in our Wheelhome Vikenze III-e XL. We see boiling water spout from the earth, steaming streams, icebergs, glaciers, an electric car ferry and recent lava flow. Iceland, and the Icelandic people, are truly unique and special, and I thank them for spending time talking to me about their amazing country.

“Conversational Ramblings”.   (25 minutes) These are Stephen’s thoughts and stats on running a Wheelhome EV campervan based on his experience in Iceland, August 2023.  He talks about EV charging, EV efficiency, solar yield and campsites in general. If you’re not into electric this might not all be for you – but hopefully there are some other items that might be of interest!  By the time Stephen returned home the overall efficiency was a creditable 3m/kWh. 

Vikenze III-e XL camper conversion.  (25 minutes) Includes going for a drive and actually charging up at a public charge station.  Some items seen are optional including the “vegan leather” upholstery. Standard upholstery is grey cloth. You will see some camera mounts along the roof and elsewhere that are just for our Iceland tour. A second rear seat is available that clips into floor mounts, making a four seater car for when you are not camping. All seats have three-point seat belts for travelling. Model shown is a single berth with clothes locker that lowers from the elevating roof, however, a second adult bed can be ordered in lieu of the clothes locker, making a two berth with two single beds.  We cannot possibly cover all the Vikenze III-e XL has to offer in a video so if you like what you see please make an appointment to come and see one in person.

What Motorhome Magazine has a two-page spread of this vehicle in it’s October 2023 issue.