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We remain 'OPEN' for business during Covid-19. 'Click here' for further information.


25.8.20 Statement from Wheelhome regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In compliance with the U.K. government's recent directives, we can confirm that we remain open for business, but we are taking measures/practices to minimise the risk of coronavirus transmission. 


What can you expect if you come to Wheelhome for a demonstration of our campervans?

Before you come, please consider if you are displaying any signs of the virus, if you are, we respectfully ask that you do not come, until clear. If we develop any signs of the virus we shall of course notify you immediately and re-arrange the visit. 

We are restricting visits to just 2 per day. All visits must be by appointment, usually 10am or 2pm, please do not just turn up. We ask that you do your best to be timely to give us time to carryout appropriate cleaning between customers. We have disposable gloves available if you wish to use them.

We will not ask you to write anything on paper, all "formalities" will be by email.

"Track and Trace" rules mean we must have your full names and contact details.

Upon your arrival we ask that all persons shall use the hand sanitiser provided or wash their hands thoroughly. If you wish to wear a face covering that is fine with us, but inline with current rules, we MUST wear face coverings when closer than 1 metre.


2m metres social distancing 

During our demonstration we will make every effort to retain the recommended distance from each other. In practice, this means either us or you can be inside the vehicle, but not at the same time - especially as Wheelhome campers are so compact. For example, we will demonstrate the bed making process from inside then step outside so you can do it.

We do not feel it would be compliant (or sensible) to go for a test drive as our insurance requires us to be in the vehicle with you - so would clearly breach the 2m rule. Therefore, test drives will not be available until further notice. 

The above measures are with immediate effect but may be revised to remain in compliance with government guidance. Remember, stay safe and wash hands regularly. Click here for government guidance on symptoms. 

Wheelhome wish to express our sincere gratitude to all our NHS doctors, nurses, Police and support staff that are working so hard at the moment to keep us all safe and well. We sincerely thank you all. 


Stephen Wheeler,

proprietor of Wheelhome.