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Vikenze II (current)
Dashaway e caravan (current)
Dashaway to Shetland (current)
Skurry (past model)

Current Models

Vikenze II

VIKENZE II on Fiat Qubo (most to be built on used vehicles with considerable savings). The Vikenze II is a dedicated single berth camper that has been designed for one person to go camping with as much comfort, convenience and ease of use as possible in a compact vehicle that can also do double duty as an economical little car with two seats for travelling in the front only - although there is room for a friend to join for a cuppa when on site!  A Tailgate awning is available from Khy... (View More)

Dashaway e caravan (general/specs)

Wheelhome DASHAWAY 'e' caravan.   From £23,825 (two berth with double bed or one berth with single bed). See the Dashaway soon at The Western Motorhome Show, Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs, WR13 6NW, 16th - 18th August 2019.   The Dashaway e caravan is believed to be the first two berth caravan in the world designed specifically to be towed by Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and pure electric cars.  Of course, most little cars, old and new, petrol or diese... (View More)

Dashaway to Shetland with Suzuki Swift (report of Shetland trip)

Dashaway to: Shetland!  ("No ordinary holiday"). This report is dedicated to Tara, “The Wheelhome dog”, who sadly passed away just a few months after this trip. Shetland was to be a rather fitting last adventure for her.   June/July 2018, Stephen Wheeler (and his Sheltie collie, Tara) of Wheelhome took the ground-breaking new and exciting all electric Dashaway e caravan to the stunning Shetland Isles.  Heavy rain and strong winds were expected.  Howeve... (View More)

Dashaway to French Alps towing with VW Golf PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid) report

It's June 2019 and we've Dashed away to France: Annecy in the French Alps, south to Millau and Rocomodour with our VW Golf Hybrid (PHEV) towing the Dashaway e caravan.  Nearly 2,500 miles at an overall average of 38.8mpg, charging the Golf's hybrid battery overnight from campsites.  ... (View More)